Picture day

Ever try to take a good picture of a pig?  Or a steer?  AND a kid?


Very frustrating.

The kids are raising the animals to ultimately sell at auction at the end of fair.  Local businesses buy the animals as community service / advertising.  I am always wowed by the support the  town gives 4h kids.

The kids write letters asking for bidders.   We include a picture so the bidders (hopefully) recognize them in the auction ring.

The animals get washed.   The kids get ready.  But you cant make a pig smile for camera!

We spent an hour chasing pigs around the yard trying to get 3 suitable pictures. We tried all the tricks, put out bowls of feed, a hose, piles of apple, etc.

So frustrating.


wait!  dont walk away.


Youre walking away again!


This isn’t working!


Horrible, busy background.


Not only will Cinderella not stop at the food bowls, she knocks them over.


Who wants to bid on a pig butt?


How did I not notice how short her shorts were?  I can NOT mail this one out! 


Ooops, forgot the kids face!


Runaway pig.

I posted these because any one who photographs kids and animals understands!

We did end up with 5 pictures.  3 hogs, 2 steer.  They weren’t great.  But they will do.


Mike with Spot.


Daniel walking Pepper.


Amanda with Cinderella eating the hose.  (I will photoshop jeans on her!)


Daniel and Squirt


Amanda with Mickey.  (again, jeans will be added!)


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