Drove by pick your own peach farm and decided to stop.  Most of the local peach crop was destroyed by a late frost.  So I didn’t expect much.

The trees were loaded.


The peaches were so ripe that when the breeze blew you could hear peaches hitting the ground.

I picked 1/2 bushel in about 15 minutes.  


I love the trusting attitude.  Pick your own, leave money in the door.


Then, what do you do with piles of peaches?   I let the kids eat as many as they wanted.


But still had a lot.  So I made several batches of canned peach pie filling.


The kids loved apple pie filing last year.  It made for very quick pot luck dishes.  I usually just heated it with a crumble topping.  Instant apple crisp.  The kids liked it best on pancakes!

I also wanted to try a recipe I found on  Peach pepper BBQ sauce. 


I used a hotter pepper then the recipe called for.  It turned out very interesting, but not a BBQ sauce.   Tastes more like a sweet Asian chili sauce.  Good on chicken.


Savor the summer fruits, they leave too quickly!


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