Sigh. Month to fair and the calves are still so stubborn. 3 of the 4 require some one pushing while another pulls on the halter. We are walking them twice a day. Or should I say we are pushing them? Kids are getting very frustrated.



The kids are required to attend “super livestock judging”


Amanda identifying cuts of meat

The kids bring their record books.   These books are very time consuming.  There is a basic workbook section with general breed/livestock/animal well being questions.  

The second half is specific to their animals.  They need to have pictures, feed schedules, expense records, immunizations, etc.


Mike waiting his turn for feed identification

They  have interviews with judges and skill stations.   They have to  identify  types of feed, breeds of animals, parts of animals, cuts of meat, and more animal husbandry.

Long day!   They have top go through this in both beef and swine.

I was very happy with the overall results.

They were judged on one hog and 2 beef projects each with blue ribbons all around.  And 6 of the 9
projects were awarded outstanding ribbons.


Lots and lots of hard work this summer, always good to see it pay off!

Time to walk the pigs


Mike with Bertha

I love this time of year.   We have 33 days until fair and life is busy.

The pigs are finally big enough to walk.   We wait until they are about 200 lbs.  If you walk them much lighter they run too fast to control.

They all have different personalities.  Yesterday only Mike and  Amanda were to walk.

We could very quickly see that Amandas pig, weighing only 175# is a runner.   We opened the pen and  she took off running, to the back hay field.  You don’t chase or they run faster.  Very nerve wrecking to watch the kids projects run away!


Amanda and Snow White

Eventually, Snow White calmed down to walk.  Amanda uses a whip to walk, but with only very light touches.   Pigs are sensitive, a soft touch is enough to send then in the right direction.


Mike with both Spot and Bertha

Mike uses a cane.  But again, with very little pressure.   Once the pigs have been walking for a week or so it becomes much easier.

Chevy at home


Hiding behind the feeder hours after coming home

Chevy was weaned yesterday and brought from his farm to our house.   He had never had any direct  contact with people.

We had tried, but he never let us get close in the pasture.

24hrs in our little pasture resulted in an amazing difference!

First he let Rob pet him.


And within ten more minutes he tolerated a halter!


Finally Mike gets to pat him.   Good thing he is sweet  we only have about 45 days until fair!


Summer evenings

Picture perfect summer evenings this week

Lots of time just spent in the pasture.


Mike with Buddy

Weather has been warm, humidity low. 


Rob giving squirt a back scratch

Animals are in great moods with the pleasant weather.


Amanda hanging out with Mickey, he us almost taller then Mike

And the wild one, Mikes beef feeder calf was weaned today and came to live in our barn.

He is hesitant.  But Mike has managed to pat him several times today.  He is turning black as I was told he would.


Chevy home.

I am hoping he mellows soon.


Mike laughing as Buddy wants pet and Rusty is eating his shirt

I love summer.