I am blushing….thank you

Andi from Will Cook for Food  nominated me for The inspiring blogger award.


To share this award with others that inspire you first must share 7 things about yourself that wouldn’t normally come up in your blog, then pass the award on to some other inspiring bloggers


So,7 things about me:


1. I am the youngest of 9 children

2. I am an Emergency Room RN.  Therefore not too much grosses me out!

3. I spent 6yrs in the Navy

4. I lived in Japan for 2 yrs

5. My idea of perfect junk food is freshly cooked tortilla chips, homemade salsa and a corona with lime. Put this snack on a long dock  in the Caribean with my husband at my side? My idea of heaven!

6. I want to visit Alaska

7. When I was young I thought I would go to vet school, specialize in exotic animals and work in a zoo.


I have a very scattered listof bloogers that inspire me!  They range from homesteading, to cooking, to hiking/kayaking sites.


Modern Farm Wife I love her fresh look at farming from someone that didn’t growup in the dairy industry

Lightly Cruchy  She is wonderful, down to earth and believable

Sassy Southern Living  Wise beyond her 22 yrs, wonderful supporter of 4H

Mom on a Veggie Mission  She cracks me up with her determination to get her sons to eat healthier

Acadian Soul a woman who moved to Acadian National Park to rediscover herself after her husband passed away

Seeking Joyful Simplicity Her blog reminds me to slowdown and living in today, finding joy in the moment

Wind Against the Current beautiful photography from a kayak in NYC

Year of Living Healthier  a family of three tries to live a healthy lifestyle on a budget

Soulsby Farm a small Ohio farm that avoids all GMOs


And there are so many more, but those inspire me today!







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