All work and no play

My kids certainly enjoy summer. 

Although the animals take up a lot of time, we manage to slip out for lots of fun.


Rob with the kids on the power tower.


Millennium Force, a favorite roller coaster


Kids with their cousins on a water ride.

We have season passes to Cedar Point, an amusement park about 1 hour away.


Running down to the river to go tubing

We have a camper and try to take a few week long trips a year.  During the summer we camp locally so we can run home to feed the animals.   Thankfully there is a great state park nearby with a river for tubing, mountain bike trails, fishing, and lots of relaxing.


Mohican state park


Zoey sleeping with one of the kids in the camper

We tend to camp further from home during spring break. We have camped in the Smokies, Florida, and South Carolina. Next year we are headed back to Florida, this time to St Andrews State Park.


Riding bikes at Henderson State Park, Destin, FL

Sports also take a big part in the kids lives.


Amanda playing first base on varsity softball team.


Mike with his football team


Dan catching

And, although only Mike enjoys kayaking with me, I do try to get out regularly.


Kayaking in Charles Mill Lake

I love the animals, but glad the kids stay involved in extras!


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