Canning Applesauce

This was a July ritual growing up.  We had a sour green apple tree (possibly Transparent Apples?) in the yard and would can quart after quart until the smell permeated every part of the house.

At my local orchard this week they had a sad looking bag of transparent apples that had hail damage, only $3 for the peck.


Home canned applesauce is the easiest home canning.

Simple, just quarter the apples, toss the worst spots of damage. 

I am forgiving when it comes to sauce apples.  They are tender and bruise so easily I only toss spots that are horrible.

No need at all to peel.  Leave the seeds and stems.  Really- just chunk them up and throw in a pan!


They looked really good for hail damaged!

They brown very quickly in the air.

Simmer in large stock pot with just enough water do they dont stick, a few inches.


Simmer until soft.

Then, carefully, as they are very hot, run cup fulls through a food mill. 

You can find a food mill at any large superstore like walmart or at a local hardware store ( I am trying to shop locally) for less then $20.  and it will last forever. I bought mine in 1993.


Mike processing apples

Like magic all the apple sauce will go into the bottom bowl while all the stems/seeds/leaves will stay in the food mill.


All the leftovers

I return all the sauce to the pan and sweeten to taste.

Just look the other way when you realize how much sugar it takes.  At least it isn’t high fructose corn syrup.  I used 3 cups of sugar.

I also add cinnamon to taste.  About 1.5 tablespoons.


Sweetened and ready to can.

I water bath canned then for 25 minutes.

This one peck bag made 6 quarts and 1 pint.



Canned and ready for the pantry

Always feels good to have a jump on the canning!  I will be back for more apples this weekend.


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