Garden in full swing

The straw/newspaper combo is very successful so far.   I am pleased. 

Ground stays moist, and zero weeds.

I won’t even mess with landscape fabric next year.


Weed free with zucchini plants taking over

The cucumbers are climbing and blooming.


Leftover cattle panel fencing works well!

The roma tomatoes are the only tomatoes with fruit, but all are loaded with blossoms.


Romas destined to be canned a salsa and sauce

Peppers are starting, my husband has thoughts of canned peppers and sausage stuffed hot peppers.


Hungarian hot peppers being guarded by Fluffy

The only flop?  Carrots planted by Mike.  Almost none came up.


One of the lone carrots

The two things I dont know when to harvest -dill and basil.

How.big are they supposed to get?  I want to make pesto and freeze it.


One of the basil plants. How big do I let it get?


Dill starting to get flowers.

I love this time of year!


4 responses

  1. Hi Kate! Great looking garden (and kitty!)
    I usually harvest basil for pesto at end of summer but I steal leaves all summer long whenever I need some. It will start to flower but just pinch off the buds and it will get bushier. And tell Mike, carrots have never worked well 4 me either. Even when they do, they come out looking more like aliens than carrots.

  2. Thanks! I will have Mike on pinching duty. I let him use a flower planter for the carrots because I knew our ground was too rocky, but I think it stayed too dry.

  3. Hello there! I’m looking through your blog, trying to figure out where you live 🙂 Guess I haven’t looked far enough yet. Your garden looks lovely. I was out in our raised beds this morning before church meeting and found two, big, gorgeous yellow flowers on our little cucumber plant. YAY! I’m so excited!
    I usually harvest my basil all summer too, taking the big leaves as they grow and pinching off the starts when it wants to bolt. The essential oils are strongest *right* before it buds out…
    Anywho, looks awesome!

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