4H still projects keeping the kids busy over summer.

The kids have a love hate relationship with “still projects”  I ask then to do at least one non-animal project a year.   Just keeps them busy during the summer.

Amanda is doing just a yeast bread book.  Last year she did “Pathways to Culinary Success” and a cookie project.  The pathways book was very time consuming, geared at kids who want a career in food.  It was a good project but made her hesitant to attempt 2 projects this year!

Daniel is “Gun Safety”.  He is enjoying it but would tell you he dislikes all the paperwork.


Daniel target shooting in the yard

Last year he did a fishing project.  Again, liked the fishing, hated the paperwork.

Mike has 3 still projects this year.

“Fun with Flight” is a beginners guide to flight and model airplanes. 


Running with a glider to test wing shape.

He is also doing “Grill Master”  he enjoys grilling and it is giving him confidence that he can cook.


Mike grilling chicken and corn for tonight dinner

His final project is year three of a series of tractor projects. 

This years focus is safe operation of farm equipment.


Mike and his beloved tractors

Busy kids are happy kids!


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