Strawberry jam

I am not sure why I feel the need to can and freeze.  But it gives me great satisfaction.

We went strawberry picking this week.  I have never had great luck with growing my own berries (too many bugs) but there is a wonderful fruit farm near us.


Mike was the only one that wanted to come picking.

The fields were beautifully tended to.  I had called ahead and they apologized, the berries were getting small and picked over.

I an not sure what they liked looked last week, but they were large and plentiful!


Does this look picked over?

Mike and I picked for 90 minutes and got 48 quarts!


Each bucket held just under 5 quarts

Then the jam making began.


Kids being goofy while slicing the tops off

We ended up with 42 pints of freezer jam.  They will feel like  jars of summer in December.


We also froze whole berries for  smoothies, loaves of strawberry bread, and had bowls of  fresh berries.  But the jam is my favorite


3 responses

  1. I am so jealous of your lot!! I really need to pick up the pace and get to making jams and jellies. For some reason I’m scared of it! I need a teacher!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jam is the easiest preservation, I promise! Start with freezer jam, just follow the directions on your pectin. 3 ingredients- fruit, sugar, pectin. It is like a summer day stored in the freezer.

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