The pigs have arrived!


The piglets arrive, being ear tagged by breeder

The pigs just arrived.  We now have 6 pigs, 2 per kid.

Each kid picked a primary (most show pig potential) and a back up.

Hogs are such a short project (june though september) but time consuming. 


Mike trying to get close to scared pigs

The pigs are timid, the kids sit with them for hours to get them friendly.


Well, amanda is actually just siting on the feeder texting instead of paying attention to the pigs. What can I say? She is 15

It is guessing game to figure out which pig will turn out to be show quality. 


Daniel sitting with the piglets


2 responses

  1. While I realize these guys will eventually end up on the dinner table, they are still lucky little piggies. They’ve got it made when compared to the commercially farmed pigs crammed into crates their entire life. These guys are so cute. Are any of them named Arnold?

    • They do have a nice little life here 🙂 a clean pen with frequent walks in the grassy pasture. So far only two have names, Cinderella and Snow White. My daughter insists on having all her animals named for cartoons. She had had Mickie, Minnie, Goofy, Piglet, popeye, etc.

      They are all female this year, so no Arnold.

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