They get along as well as I can hope.

Sigh.  A 145lb mastiff and a barn tom cat.


Zoey with Fluffy the barn cat

The cat loves the dog and the dog wants to “play”.

For now they remain peaceful.  But the mastiff is always leashed!

Zoey the dog gets along with the livestock fine



Zoey hanging out in the barn last year before the leash was mandatory

But unfortunately she has no love for the horses pulling Amish buggies past our house, so she is always leashed.

I wish I knew why she is completely tolerant of cats, pigs, calves, and full grown steer but not horses.


2 responses

  1. We used to have an old farm dog that was intolerant of everything BUT the horses. His whole day used to revolve around riding in the back of the pickup and racing up and down the field with the horses. The ones we have now just tolerate them, but have no particular fondness for them. They seem to hate bicyclists though – but we have an invisible electric fence and a collar on them, so they can’t go past the shock line to get at anything. It works out ok, they have a few acres fenced off to run around in.

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