Taming the wild beasts

Teaching a calf to walk on a halter is not easy.  Imagine leash training a  puppy that had no desire to please you. 

Dogs want to be a part of the pack, and look to you as the leader.  Calves dont feel the same!  They want to be with the herd, not you.

The kids have been struggling with the calves.


Amanda trying to sweet talk Frosty into a walk.

Mike’s calf has been the most agreeable, but even he objects to a nice controlled stroll around the yard.


Buddy trying to loose the halter.

And worst of all, has been the sweet little Brown Swiss, Rusty.




The kids know to hold the halter close to the calves head, but they clearly werent listening tonight.

Even though the calves are frustrating, they are still well loved. 


Buddy being mellow for a moment.


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      • We tag so we know which cows and which babies belong together since most of them are solid black. Also, we can then keep track of how often we’re seeing them, if we have everybody when we change pastures, etc. We are a working cattle ranch with over 100 head so it also helps us know if everyone is all present and accounted for and reduce the possibility of theft.

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