The Tolerant Neighbor

We live less then a mile from from our youngest’s favorite place on earth. 

He simply refers to it as “The farm”.  And on the farm lives the very tolerant neighbor.  He allows Mike to hang out for hours claiming he is helpful and not in the way.

My husband is good friends with the farmer  and helps with planting/harvest seasons.  Mike  and I ran supplies up to field this week while the men were planting


Mike sprinting back to the car with exciting news, once again the very tolerant neighbor will allow him to help with planting soybeans.

He was very happy to once again “help” out on the farm.


Filling the planter with beans

And then I didn’t see him until long after dark. He blissfully rode away.


Riding away to plant beans

Thank God for nice neighbors!


7 responses

  1. Careful blogging about allowing your children to work on a farm, our Government is trying to pass a bill to keep kids from learning how to work, it seems … for their own safety of course. They might send their henchmen out to arrest you for allowing your kids to particpate and/or teaching them skills. Ditto for your neighbors. I was reading about it last night. So sad, too. Kids can learn so much from hands on experience.

    • I am so saddened by the new proposed laws. I know they were written with a good intent, but they fail miserably. They were clearly written by someone that wasn’t raised in the country. Safety is vitally important too me, theses are my beloved kids! But so is passing down a strong work ethic and a love for the land.

      The laws are too broad teaching and vague.

      • I could say so much about these laws. How about the portion that includes “no felling, stacking etc of timber” ( not an exact quote as I am posting from my phone)

        Kids can’t stack a wood pile?? Really?

        Maybe they should just stay inside and watch tv instead.

      • Not at all! I agree. Although I am not so generous with assuming our Government does anything with good intention any more. I think they want a Nation full of helpless sheep that they can herd in any direction they so choose once they have full control. Teaching a child to farm is the backbone of our Nation. Kids today are given video games, and I-pods, and are told to go entertain themselves. Welfare recipients are handed free phones (GPS Tracking devices) at no cost to them with no expectation for payment for them. I am cynical when it comes to our Government anymore. I think this whole Nation is in serious trouble. Teaching a child responsibility at a young age is a gift to the child in more ways than one. Just look around at the laws being proposed today on the Floor of Congress, or better yet, through Executive Order. My heart breaks for future generations if the people don’t stand together and put a stop to their ‘controlled takeover’ of the people of this Nation.

  2. Hello! Nice to meet you! Yes, I heartily agree that we are thrilled the legislation didn’t pass. Love the pics. Enjoy raising your kids this way….we did the city for a while in between a rural home and a working ranch. My daughter loved swim team but that was about the only thing we miss. 4H bunnies, horse, and just ranch work are way better.

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