Meet Buddy

This is Buddy.  He is Mikes new feeder calf.

After Mike buried his previous calf he bleached down the pen.  Then went back to the dairy farm to replace Hugo.


Unexpected cold rain meant Buddy got to ride home in the cab of the truck!

Buddy is a mainly white Holstein, a month old.  He is very active.  Most importantly, no diarrhea.


Buddy settling into his new home and halter walking.

Honestly, I was disappointed.  Hugo was a very sturdy appearing calf.  I thought he was going to grow into nice show steer. 


Buddy not enjoying his first walk on a halter, calves fight it just like puppies. Sweet talk and patience helps here.

Buddy is slight.  And has an under bite. And so white. ( I dread keeping him clean at the fair!)

But Mike is happy. And that is the one person that needs to be happy after burying his last calf


Mike with Buddy. April 2012.


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