Rodent Control

We used to have mice and rats eating the grain in the barn.

Rob wanted me to lay traps and poison.  I really didn’t want to set poison with the dog and livestock (although he was putting it in between the foundation and barn siding, the animals couldn’t have  reached it)

I suggested a much more natural approach.   The farm up the road had 2 litters of barn kittens. He said he never had mouse problems, and offered 2 kittens.


Fluffy, way too much fur but very sweet and snuggly


Ninja on the deck hopeful there its some leftover milk replacer from feeding the calves

Fluffy and Ninja came to live in our barn.  I honestly don’t know if they have killed our rodents or if their  presence alone deterred them.

But there hasn’t been a single hole in a grain bag for 6 months.

And as an added bonus they are very sweet and run out to the kids when they see then coming to do daily chores.


One response

  1. Cats are the organic method to pest control. I’m glad, as I’m sure your kids are, that you took this route. Too many people are destroying our Earth using posions and other un-natural methods to accomplish their goals. You cats are beautiful, and I’m sure well loved.

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