Lunch is delivered


Rob arrives with the feed grinder on a blustery spring day.

It takes a lot of feed to satisfy 3 steer.

If you have ever questioned the price of beef at the grocery store, then please be assured no one is becoming wealthy by overcharging you.  A steer eats a minimum  of 2% of his body weight in grain every day.  Ours are around 950-1000 lbs, so they each consume almost 20lbs a day!

We use 1700+ lbs a month of feed. And that is just the steer’s grain.  That doesn’t include hay.  So trust me, the $4.99/lb roast at the meat counter is not overpriced!

Typically our youngest son helps grind and deliver the feed, because he wants to do any thing that involves tractors and farming. He was at school, so today I helped Rob.

The kids feed the animals twice a day.  Early in the morning and before supper.  It has become much more time-consuming now that we have added the  bottle fed calves, and in May the hogs will arrive.


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