New babies! This years feeder calves have arrived


Frosty and Hugo arrive Easter evening

The kids showed dairy feeder calves at last years fair and enjoyed it even with disappointing results in showmanship.  They asked to show again, but we told them no.  It is just such an expensive hobby.  We enjoy it, but it its expensive to feed all the farm  animals over the summer. 

The kids appeared to be very upset and offered to buy the calves themselves.  How can you say no after that?  They are basically asking if they can spend money on an animal that they have to care for all summer.

So they purchased their calves on Easter.

We ended up with 2 Holstiens and one Brown Swiss.


Daniel with Rusty

Rusty is a 2 day old Swiss. 


Hugo is a 3 day old Holstein.


Frosty is a 3 week old Holstein.  He is going to be a handful, full of spunk.

Of course it its fun to snuggle and love them in the evening and another thing all together to get up at 5am to bottle fed before school.


Hugo sucking down 2 quarts of mik in the early morning

But there were no complaints this morning as we got up to fed in the dark.


Rusty gets a bottle

And honestly, I love it as much as the kids.


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