Pete the Piedmontese

Pete is our one non-show steer. 


Pete at 400 lbs

He is a piedmontese, an Italian beef breed that is double muscled.  He was purchased to fill our freezer with lean beef. 

But his beefy personality is beginning to show.   Dairy steer are mellow, sweet.  Beef are much more assertive. 

I don’t like the kids to turn their backs on Pete.  I honestly don’t trust him. 

He is quick to lower his head and charge.  If the kids are in the pen then I am too. I carry a show stick and he respects my space.


Pete 850 lbs

He makes me appreciate our mellow Dairy steer! I would take a holstein or brown swiss over a beef breed after any day.


2 responses

  1. I’ll bet Pete wishes he were a dairy breed, too. Maybe cattle aren’t as stupid as people think they are, and he knows his days are numbered? No offense, but I could never name an animal, feed it, then kill it. I guess I’d starve if I had to raise my own beef, wouldn’t I?

    • Well, he would only be happy if he was a female dairy! He us treated very kindly, and only recently have I felt intimated by him. He is a steer (castrated) or we wouldn’t have him at all. Most people see cows as gentle. But the reality can be very different. An aggressive 1500lb animal can kill you. And many bulls wouldn’t hesitate to try.

      You know I also struggled with eating meat for years. But again, I know my meat doesn’t come from feed lots. Makes all the difference

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