A girl can dream, right?


On vacation we took our oldest on a college tour.  The ONLY college according to her.  

They only accept 17% of applicants. And it is almost $60,000 a year.  And 10hrs from home. 

But all pesky facts aside, this is the dream school. 

We vacationed in Charlotte, thinking this was only 90 min from Duke, I promised her a visit. Unfortunately it was 3hrs away. My sweet husband spent 6 hrs driving her for a 2 hr tour.

Wonderful to watch her shot for the stars.  Great motivation to keep grades up and stay involved. 

And who knows, maybe her application will stand out from the pack. It certainly won’t look like all the kids from the suburbs.

At the medical school program she attends, the kids had to introduce themselves along with several personal interests. The director of admissions sat at the head table doing paperwork while each talented teen rattled off similar statements of sports, volunteer work, honor roll, etc. When it was Amanda’s turn she mentioned the flute, basketball and showing hogs and steer at the fair.

It was the only time in 30 minutes I saw the admissions director look up! She was certainly interested (or surprised) to hear that.

So lets hope a 3.9 gpa, varsity sports and agriculture help her shine through the crowd.

Go Blue Devils!


Amanda in front of Dukes chapel


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