Spring Cleaning


Rob and the kids power washing the hog pen

Since it oddly felt like summer in March, we decided to get the barn ready for this years animals. 

We typically get the hogs Memorial day weekend but the feeder calves arrive in early April.

We  power washed the hog pens. And the kids got excited talking about this years calves.

Amanda and Daniel got the steer out on the new show halters


Mickey and Amanda


Daniel and Squirt

Spring steer sure is only weeks away, and they aren’t walking well at all.  yikes!

Lots of walking is needed. Hard to find the time with youth group, baseball, softball, track, 4H and FFA!

The weather has been insane.  77 degrees and sunny in mid-March.  heavenly!


One response

  1. This time of the year is the best. The bugs aren’t out yet, in addition to the wonderful temperatures. The country life is even sweeter this time of year. I love your steers. It’s so refreshing to see ‘cattle’ being treated humanely for a change. 🙂 Most of the photos I see are of them being loaded for slaughter … so sad. ;(

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