Hurdle Wildfowl Park, one of the 15 county parks

I met an amazing group of people last night.  I attended a meeting of the Ashland County Park District.  I have hiked the parks for years, honestly not thinking about who maintained all that beauty for the public to enjoy.


Mike hiking Cool Springs

Turns out that the park district maintains 15 parks without a single tax payer dollar.   Everything in the parks from trails to signs to gas for the mowers is donated.  There isn’t a single paid employee.

Made me stop and think about how to give back.  I have hiked these parks, fished the ponds with the kids and walked my dogs here for 15 years.  


Daniel fishing Byers Woods

I was in awe of the time commitments these members made. 

I have few loves other then my family- hiking, camping, local healthy eating.  But the greatest of these is, without a doubt, hiking.

I am proud to have joined this group, I look forward to doing trail maintenance this summer.

I hope my kids will all find a passion in their lives (since only the youngest loves to hike with me) that gives them both health and joy.



One response

  1. I know how you feel about giving back. It is wonderful that such parks exist for all to enjoy. As long as people like you care, I’m sure the park will continue to remain open. Good job. 🙂

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