Mike is determined that we will have productive fruit trees this year.  We have 2 apple trees and a mulberry tree. 

In the past they have only given us small wormy apples.

He got off the school bus today, went to the garage, grabbed a ladder and pruning shears, went to work without being asked.  He did a really nice job.   He is willing to chop off more then I am. 

I wish I was as hopeful as an 11 yr old.  Something about spring makes us believe that this year will be different.  The garden will be weed free, the baseball team will be undefeated, the animals will win grand champion at the county fair.

Here is to apples, applesauce, apple cake, apple butter and optimistic kids!


3 responses

  1. I love that mindset—we all think things are going to be “1st place, top notch, and different” this year! Nothing wrong with that world domination mentality.

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