The kids tried to get the steer out walking this weekend, but the yard is too soft.  We now have hoof prints through the back yard.


The pasture has been reduced to a soft muddy mess devoid of grass.


I truly hate to close off the pasture but we need the grass to grow back.  I am sure the cattle will be fine with a little extra hay. 

Now if someone could just remind the kids to take off the mud caked boots before they come in the house.


2 responses

  1. Having grown up as a country kid myself, I have no doubt, your children will grow up with wonderful childhood memories. I miss those days of riding my pony across the open fields, and playing in the creek. All of that tracked in mud will leave happy footprints in the old memory bank for your kids, I’m sure.

  2. I think that spring has sprung. I hate when they leave their hoof prints all over the place because the ground is so soft. It makes it easier for them to get dirty and muddy too and we all know that is no fun at all!

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