Mickey, not the rocket scientist in the barn

My daughter’s dairy steer started off sweet enough. We brought him home as a day old calf, and bottle feed him.  He is just, in a nutshell, dull.


Mickey 2 days old


Walking Mickey at 2 months old

All the other steer all have personalities,  But Mickey is just boring.  Not much to him.


Mickey, 9 months old

With one exception.

He LOVES peppermints. He will come running when he hears the bag open.


Mickey tries to lick the candy

I snapped this picture last week and it just cracks me up


3 responses

  1. Oh my goodness this is the cutest thing ever! I had a show steer that loved peppermints too. I find it so funny that each of them have little personalities and things that make them tick.

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