The kids tried to get the steer out walking this weekend, but the yard is too soft.  We now have hoof prints through the back yard.


The pasture has been reduced to a soft muddy mess devoid of grass.


I truly hate to close off the pasture but we need the grass to grow back.  I am sure the cattle will be fine with a little extra hay. 

Now if someone could just remind the kids to take off the mud caked boots before they come in the house.


Mickey, not the rocket scientist in the barn

My daughter’s dairy steer started off sweet enough. We brought him home as a day old calf, and bottle feed him.  He is just, in a nutshell, dull.


Mickey 2 days old


Walking Mickey at 2 months old

All the other steer all have personalities,  But Mickey is just boring.  Not much to him.


Mickey, 9 months old

With one exception.

He LOVES peppermints. He will come running when he hears the bag open.


Mickey tries to lick the candy

I snapped this picture last week and it just cracks me up

What to do with the youngest child?


Mike building a bat house at a 4H meeting

It must be hard to be the youngest. (I would know as the youngest of 9!)

And even harder to be the youngest when your older brother and sister are hyper-overachievers.  Straight As (with ease). Play on every sports team (usually as starters).  Good behavior at school.

And then there is my sweet Mike.

A good student with As and Bs. But it doesn’t come easily.  It takes hard work for those grades.

He dislikes sports. And it takes an effort to be well-behaved with all that energy.

So, what to do with him? How do I channel this energy?  4H and farming.
Mike with his calf, Buck


 Mike with last years piglets


He thrives on the farm.  unfortunately, we don’t have a farm, but the farmer up the road has  a soft spot for Mike and his nonstop energy.  He invites him to ride along with planting and harvest.  Tolerates him for hours at a time.tractor

Mike riding along on the farm


Mike has shown a flair for common sense and anything mechanical.  Hopefully, this will help him stay focused for years to come!