Winter Freeze

The kids have discovered that raising animals is not nearly as much fun in 6″of snow. They have to daily break the ice on the water trough.We had planned on trenching water and electric to the barn this fall for automatic waterers, but funds ran short.


So nightly they run steaming buckets of warm water to the steer from the house.  In the morning, before school, they break the ice with a shovel.

Mike breaking Ice

The steer are growing. They were weighed in for fair last week (our fair is mid Sept). Amanda’s steer weighed 695# and Dan’s was 755#  They have grown  very wooly winter coat and seem content grazing in very cold weather.

The barn kittens are growing and appear to be doing thier job.  I haven’t seen any evidence of mice in several weeks.  Only one of the two is friendly, the fluffier.  She runs to greet us at feeding time.

Mikewith Fluffy, Jan 2012

The kids need to get busy walking the steer, the spring show is in April. But so hard to find the motivation in this weather!


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