Squirt is growing up

Dan wanted a Brown Swiss calf for fair. He claimed he didn’t even care if he placed last with a Swiss, since Holstein do better at the fair, he really really needed one.

So, enter the sweetest swissie, Squirt. He was almost a week old when we got him, older than all of the other fair calves. But clearly the biggest baby. He would just bawl for his bottles. You could hear him from the house. He loved snuggling. He was,and is, a little snuggler.


Daniel had 2 calves, but lets face it, his other, a Holstein named Fresca, never had a chance. Squirt was destined to be the fair calf.

Haltering began at 1 months old. And from the first day Squirt was sweet. Trotted like a puppy on a leash.

May 2011

I decided to track his growth with pictures.

June 2011

Getting a bath (and hating it!) June 2011

August 2011

snuggling in the barn, August 2011

Fair! September 2011

And finally this was yesterday, end of October, 2011

Crazy to think we will have him for another 11 months, until next fair. We guess he is about 600 lbs now. And will be between 1300-1500 lbs at fair. He is still a snuggler, but defiantly more of a steer now. Dont try to halter him in the pasture or he may want to butt heads with you. But approach him in the barn and he will still snuggle right in.


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