from piglet to hog

The kids raised their fair hogs, but also raised several extras for sale.  And one for the freezer.

Our freezer piglet arrived the last weekend of May. Cuter then any of the other piglets (of course!)  He was tiny, the smallest of the nine.

He was quickly named Floppy.  He was a Duroc, a breed know for red skin, floppy ears, and rapid weight gains.

Floppy May 2011, about 50 lbs

I should have paid attention to that last breed trait.  Rapidly gains weight.

He was an eating machine.  He would occasionally fall asleep with his head the feeder, wake up and begin to eat again.

He kept growing.  And growing.

By October 4 he was almost 400lbs.  He was truly an eating machine.  In 129 days he gained 348 lbs!  He averaged 2.7 lbs a day.

Soon he will be feeding us. Sometimes this is hard for me, as an ex-vegetarian.  But I know he

Floppy almost 400lbs

had a good life and was treated humanly. The kids on the other hand, aren’t phased at all.  They know what they eat, and know they had a hand in raising healthy meat.

Next year, I think we should opt for an uglier pig, maybe then I wouldn’t be sad.


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  1. Oh my, reading your blog is bringing back so many good memories from my family’s little farm in Ohio!! I remember our first pigs 🙂 It is hard to eat them, but ours were kind of mean (they were always trying to eat *us* for some reason) so we didn’t mind *too* much :-0

    • I thought it would be so hard to eat our pigs, and then they got to be large, hogs, default not aggressive but NOT pets. And it wasn’t hard anymore!

      What part of ohio did you live in?

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